Sirinat National Park in Phuket, Thailand

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Sirinat National Park in Phuket, Thailand

Our first days as digital nomads in Thailand

We just started on our world travel. In our first days in Thailand, we have already learned a lot about Thai food, mosquitoes, geckos, beautiful plants and delicious fruits. Some of the first experiences in Thailand we’ll tell you in this article. Our first days on our world travel.

In Cologne, it was still minus degrees. We had already packed away our jackets and sweaters, but were then taken to the plane with a poorly organized bus transfer and had to freeze again. The flight with Eurowings was without surprises. As booked, we also had a vegan snack and dinner on board. A fair package for a 200 euro direct flight from Cologne to Phuket.

Ten hours later at 5:00 Thai time (we are Germany 6 hours ahead in Thailand) we landed in Phuket. Slightly overcrowded, but ready for the first steps in the new life as a long-reaching backpacker and travel blogger. At Phuket Airport we expected a flood of tuk tuks and taxis, but only a few buses were available for our fellow passengers. You probably all had a transfer booked away from the airport.

Our first breakfast

We had our first breakfast where our feet were limping. About halfway through, Jana capitulated because of 27 kilos of luggage on her shoulders. I would have made it 50 metres further with my 30 kilos.

But that’s how we got to our first breakfast soup. Thai rice soup Khao Tom Soup is often translated into porridge on the menu. A soup cost us 40 baht, about one Euro. Without egg or meat, the soup is vegan and gives really power for the whole morning. You have to like the high ginger content, but you can’t start the day any better for health.

Phuket Airport Breakfast Khao Tom Soup-Image Credit: Jana Brot, Catch Life
Phuket Airport Breakfast Khao Tom Soup-Image Credit: Jana Brot, Catch Life

In the well-stocked soup kitchen there is fresh drinking water and everything for seasoning and sharpening free of charge. I have the chilli gravy in my nose here.

Our first coconut

When we arrived at about 8:00 am at our first accommodation, the Baan Rom Pruk, we first got rid of our big backpacks. Our room should be ready by lunchtime, so we first walked towards the beach and explored the area. The trail took us directly through a small temple complex, then a few hostels and five hundred meters further we found the beach. There wasn’t much going on here, but there was a fresh, chilled coconut along the way. We’ve drunk over 100 by now, but that day it was a new experience.

Only a straw fit through the opening of the coconut. Jana, though, desperately wanted to get the flesh and so the fight ended in a 1:0 for Jana. When it comes to food, she can’t take a joke.

By the way, we sipped the first coconut without realizing that we are in the Sirinat National Park. Before 9:00am there was neither a cashier nor a barrier and the road to Naiyang Beach was almost deserted. We were surprised by the loneliness on a beach so close to Phuket Airport. We didn’t notice much from the pre-Christmas flight operations at Phuket Airport. The sounds of the waves and the small jungle completely cover the aircraft noise. We thought Naiyang Beach was beautiful and are glad we took off in this beautiful place.

You’ll soon read more about Sirinat National Park and Naiyang Beach in the following article. Here’s just a little glimpse.

Our first accommodation

For the first days of our trip, we treated ourselves to luxurious accommodation with air condition and a private bathroom. We had already booked the bungalow in Germany via Airbnb. At 25 euros per night, this actually exceeds our entire daily budget, but we wanted a comfortable start after the flight. In our three months Thailand this place has remained the most expensive and comfortable accommodation. We enjoyed it so much, though, that we stayed three days longer than planned. We are happy to recommend the Baan Rom Pruk.

On the first evening, however, we only used the terrace in front of our bungalow for a short time. The mosquitoes were certainly very pleased to be able to bite such inexperienced victims. That’s why we preferred to be in the room. In a new article, we will soon tell you what we have learned about mosquito defense in Southeast Asia over the months.

Our friends, the geckos

House geckos belong to every good house, they protect us from mosquitoes

So we retired to our bungalow early. There we not only had a glass door to close, but also discovered for the first time our new pets, to whose presence we got used with pleasure.

House gecko in Phuket, Thailand
House gecko in Phuket, Thailand

They eat a variety of mosquitoes every day and we are so grateful to them that they will soon receive their own article on Catch-Life.

On the first night it was enough for us to google ehm to ecosiate* some information about the little roommates and to find out that they only want us good.

*You know, because of the trees

Almost forgotten our food

At lunchtime we went to Sirinat National Park for the fast hunger. Fried Vegetables and Morning Glory with rice for a total of 120 baht, just over 3 euros. The water was free, a preference to which we were only too happy to get used to in street kitchens. We’ll tell you more about Morning Glory and street kitchens soon.

Our first dinner was fried noodles with vegetables, vegetarian rice and two iced tea for also 120 baht on the way home.

The next morning, however, we should get to know even cheaper prices. We only walked a few hundred meters and paid for two Khao Tom soups, 1kg bananas, two coffee and four sweet pieces (not comparable with German bakery stuff) total 90 baht. How good and cheap we ate in the following days and much more about Naiyang Beach, Sirinat National Park and the surrounding area we’ll tell you in the next article.

Fried rice pad thai - our first Thai dinner
Fried rice pad thai – our first Thai dinner

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